What is the difference​​ betw​een hearing and ​listening?​

​One is passive, the other is active. One is automatic, the other is intentional. One we use every day, the​ other we may not have used in years. Studies have shown that, when done correctly, active listening offers an abundance of physiological, psychological, and cognitive benefits. Active listening is a veritable skill. The good news is that everyone can master it.

With over 70 years of audio expertise, HARMAN understands the positive effects of active listening perhaps better than anyone and has dedicated its legacy to enabling people to get the most out of each and every moment they spend listening, whether at home, in the car, or on the go. 

In creating this website, HARMAN’s desire is to transmit, share, educate and provide an extraordinary listening experience t​hrough unique content that has been developed for you, the listener. Here, you will discover a knowledge resource filled with diverse and constantly updated information designed to help you reap the full rewards of active listening.



Learn from industry experts why listening actively matters.

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Consumer Research reveals why listening matters

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HARMAN Audio Talks Podcast

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