Future of Listening

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Audio Collaborative Conference Keynote Carsten Olesen, President of Consumer Audio Harman


​In 2019, HARMAN commissioned a study that took a closer look at modern consumers’ listening habits and preferences, and offered a compelling glimpse of the future of listening. How important is sound quality to the listening experience? Are the latest technical innovations worthwhile? What does gaming have to do with music appreciation? The study answered all of these questions and many more.

​Future Of Listening

Infographic Research 2019 (mobile)

Future Of Listening

Infographic Research 2019 (desktop)

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Future of Listening Study

A Glimpse into the Future of Listening


HARMAN commissioned a study in 2018 that revealed contemporary listening habits and provided fascinating evidence of the benefits of conscious listening. The study focused on the impact of today’s fast-paced lifestyle and ever-changing sonic environment on people’s ability to listen, and offered new insight into the very real power of music.

Art of Listening

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Art of Listening